Youth Association

The Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Youth Association, UK (JSOYA UK) is a Spiritual Organisation for the youth wing of the MSOC UK.

Young people are so close to the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to Solomon’s Proverbs, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”. As we are all aware, to ensure that our Jacobite Syrian Orthodox faith, traditions, liturgy, and theology is upheld through the coming generation, primarily when situated in modern western societies, we have to put in tremendous efforts to understand and get to know the issues facing the youth today. JSOYA UK actively addresses the issues and problems of the youth today concerning our faith; through the inclusion of their thoughts and ideas, we can grasp the next generation’s relationship with their faith. Being inclusive of their views and opinion is the cornerstone of the association. It is the duty and responsibility of the youth to get involved in JSOYA UK and its future activities.

The general body of MSOC UK elected Rev. Fr Jebin Ipe as the Vice President of JSOYA UK to organise and lead the activities under UK Diocese.

As per Bull – No. UK- 16/21 of The Patriarchal Vicar of UK His Grace Dr Mor Anthimos Matthews  a formal meeting was held on 31st of October 2021 and established the following central committee

  • Vice President – Rev Fr Jebin Ipe
  • General Secretary – Vipin Vijay
  • Joint Secretary – Lavitha Biji
  • Treasurer – Joshy George

Committee Members

  1. Central Zone – Elbin Paul
  2. South-west Zone – Josely George
  3. Midlands Zone – Ajil Mathew
  4. North-east Zone – Ben George
  5. Scotland & Northern Ireland Zone – Basil Baby

P.R.O.  – Rev Dn Elias Varghese

JSOYA UK is dedicated to strengthening the relationship of Malankara Jacobite Youth Association in the UK with the Apostle St Peter’s Holy Throne of Antioch and All the East. JSOYA UK plans to organise various programmes at a national and zonal level to enrich our young generation’s faith and spiritual life.