Sunday School

MJSSA UK is a spiritual organisation of Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church UK which brings together the Sunday School students of all parishes of MSOC UK.

MJSSA UK aims to teach the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the holy Bible, the holy Sacraments, and the tradition of the Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church. MJSSA UK puts together an appropriate curriculum/syllabus and provides Sunday School textbooks for the UK Sunday Schools.

MJSSA UK organizes Kalolsavams,  in UK to promote our faith and religion. There is an overwhelming participation from students across UK in the Kalolsavam events, which has competitions for Elocution, Devotional Songs, Liturgical Hymns and Bible Verses test.

MJSSA UK organises an annual Inter-Sunday School Bible Quiz Competition in memory of the Late Rev. Fr. Dr. Biji Markose Chirathilattu. Enthusiastic participation from many JSO Churches in UK has been seen in the Inter-Sunday School Bible Quiz Competition.

MJSSA UK also holds an annual Essay Competition in memory of Late Rev. Fr. Dr. Biji Markose. There was very enthusiastic participation in the Essay Competition from UK students.

MJSSA UK provides Teacher’s Training to the Sunday School Teachers in the UK to help improve the ability of teachers to teach the message of the Holy Bible, our faith, and our Church History in a relevant and interesting manner.

Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) is organized to educate children about religion, faith and God through fun, age-appropriate activities. VBS is a specialized form of religious education that focuses on the children in the Church and provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to socialize and learn more about religion in a relaxed setting. Many children attend VBS classes in the Sunday Schools across UK, and MJSSA Central committee members help out in VBS by delivering lessons to promote faith and liturgy.

MJSSA UK also organises Nuhro – The Faith Talks, which are interactive Webinars on JSO Faith, Liturgy, Life and Evangelism.

MJSSA UK operates with committees at the Central Level and at five Zonal Levels in UK. The Director for MJSSA UK is appointed by H.G. Dr. Matthews Mor Anthimos, Metropolitan. General Body Meeting of all UK Sunday School representatives elects some of the MJSSA UK Committee Members.

  • Director
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer

Fr. Philip Thomas
Mr. George John
Mr. Anoop Abraham Mr. Thankachan E. A.

The MJSSA UK Committee also includes representatives from each zone, and a supporting technical team. Mr. Velson Thomas, Dn. Elias Varghese, Mr. Arun Mathew, Mrs. Manju Berly, Mr. George Pottackal, Mr. Ajith Adai and Dr. Sajit Paul are also Members of the MJSSA UK Committee.

Each Zonal Committees has a Zonal Director and six other members (including the Zonal Representative to the Central Committee). The Directors of the Zonal Committees are –

  • Midlands Zonal Committee Director
  • Scotland and N. Ireland Zonal Committee Director
  • Central Zonal Committee Director
  • North Zonal Committee Director
  • Southwest Zonal Committee Director

Fr. Abin Markose
Fr. Akhil Joy Kavalackal Fr. Raju Cheruvallil
Fr. Eldhose Vattaparambil Fr. Peter Kuriakose

Committee Meetings and General Body Meetings are held at the UK and Zonal levels on a regular basis to discuss the current activities and future plans for the Sunday Schools. MJSSA also organises Fasting Prayers for Sunday School Headteachers and Teachers.

MJSSA also provides streamlined communications across all Sunday Schools on its Facebook page < >